About Kim, Corvallis Pet Sitter

Hello, my name is Kim.
I’m your pet sitter.

Corvallis Pet Sitter Story

Over A Decade in Business

I started pet sitting after finding a cat behind a dumpster. I dropped him off at Heartland to get medical care and in hopes his owners would be found. Unfortunately he had extensive medical needs and was scheduled for euthanasia. I adopted him that day and named him Peter Pan. I couldn’t afford the medical care and started pet sitting to pay for his needs. Peter is happy and healthy today and I have him to thank for getting me started.

Over 30 Years Pet Care Experience

I’ve been working with and volunteering around animals my whole life. My first job at 15 years old was at an animal hospital. I have worked at several emergency animal hospitals and shelters across the country.

I moved to Corvallis in 2005 because the area looked good on the United States map. I had no idea where I was moving to, but there it was: a little spot nestled between mountains and ocean and surround by green space. Welcome home to Corvallis, Oregon.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to working together.

Cat Care Experience

Ki'ms Brown tabby cat, Pauli, with soulful eyes

Today I share my life with (only!) six cats. In addition to my professional experience as a vet’s assistant and shelter technician I have volunteered to help feral cats. Through a process of Spay Neuter and Release, I have trapped and assisted over 20 cats. They were spayed, neutered, dewormed, de-flead, vaccinated, tested for leukemia and FIV and released to a site with a dedicated caregiver providing them fresh food and water. I also volunteered with the Feral Cat Coalition organizing a donation based spay & neuter clinic in Corvallis helping 88 cats.

Dog Care Experience

Kim's dog Alex. A black and white rat terrier in his collegiate sweater. One ear up, one ear down looking dapper.

I’ve been a guardian for several dogs, but none at the moment. At the San Francisco SPCA I worked as an infirmary attendant to as many as 20 dogs and 120 cats. Dogs enjoyed daily walks and basic skills training to prep them for adoption.

Horse, Goat, Chicken Care

Two shaggy ponies in Ireland

I volunteered at Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center in East Aurora New York when I was in my teens to be around the horses. I have made them part of my life although I’ve never owned any. I don’t ride anymore but I sure enjoy their company.

Goats are so much fun to be around. Their eyes are so intriguing!

I love how chickens are always excited to see you. Always keep an eye on the rooster.

Aquatic, Fish, and Pond Care

As an aquatic curator in St. Louis, Missouri, I maintained freshwater aquariums, saltwater reef tanks, and outdoor ponds for professional offices, waiting rooms, and private homes.

My favorite was the 5000 gal tank at Bass Pro featuring local area fish. There was a white channel catfish that would recognise me as the nice earthworm treat lady. He would swim right up to take earthworms gently from my hand.