The Best Care for your Best Friend

10+ years in Business.
Licensed, Insured, Experienced Pet Care in Corvallis, Oregon

Serving areas around Corvallis, Philomath, Lewisburg, Adair Village, and North Albany, Oregon.

Pet Sitting to pamper your pet

I have over 30 years experience working with animals including emergency animal hospitals and rescue shelters.
I’ll pamper your pet while providing expert customized pet care.

I’ve worked professionally with dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, reptiles and even insects. Medications, special diet, or special care are no problem.

Plant and Garden Watering

I’ll water your garden and plants as well. I’m familiar with how much to water, what not to water, common pests and natural solutions.

What to expect from Corvallis Pet Sitter

I send text, photo, or email updates so you stay informed about your pets while they are under my care.

I realize trusting someone to care for your beloved pet is a big deal which is why I do not have employees. It’s just me. When you book my service you get my 30 years of experience and gentle, loving care. 

Kim Sielski,
Corvallis Pet Sitter

Cat Sitting Service

I clean and refresh food and water bowls, scoop and sweep around the litter box, and offer snuggle or playtime. I’ll bring catnip spray to encourage kitties to play and relax. I can offer other anxiety relief if needed to keep a happy and healthy cat.

Dog Potty Breaks

Dog relief visits are scheduled as close to your pups normal schedule as possible. I will attend to your dog in your fenced yard allowing time and space for relieving themselves. Then engage your dog in play and exercise while monitoring fatigue without overworking. Due to an injury I am unable to leash walk dogs.

Plant and Garden Care

Plant and garden watering is customized according to their normal schedule and the weather. I’m familiar with indoor and outdoor plants, basic needs, and can identify common pests. I’ve worked professionally with office plants, greenhouses, agriculture, and hobby gardens. Your plants are safe with me.

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