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The best care for your best friend.  

Quality Care and Your Routine

I have over 25 years experience in animal care.  In fact my first job was at an animal hospital. I’ve worked with all animals including cats, dogs, birds, horses, chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, fresh and saltwater fish, outdoor ponds, and even insects. I have plant and garden experience as well. I’d be happy to take care of your home and your pets while you are on vacation or if life becomes too busy. I’ll do my best to keep your pets current routine and your way of doing things.

Your pets and plants are safe with me. 

Reliable Service

A typical visit includes feeding, fresh water, potty break, litter box service, dog walk or exercise in the yard, and play or snuggle time.  I can administer medications and give sub-q fluids, no problem.  My calm, gentle approach allows for a safe trusting relationship with your pet.  My experience allows me to monitor your pets behavior and your plants need for water. I will notify you of any concerns, and make adjustments as necessary. I can visit multiple times a day, water plants, take in the mail, and take out the trash bins.  I also offer cat nail trim service.

You can relax knowing that your pets are loved and safe.

Cute Corvallis Area Pets I Pet Sit For

Free Consultation

My goal is to provide reliable Corvallis area pet sitting, plant watering, home care, and vacation services.   I’d love to schedule an initial consultation at your home free of charge.  We will discuss your specific needs and you can explain your routine so I can best be of service.  I’d also like to introduce myself and answer any questions you have about me, my skills, and abilities. 

I understand the hesitation you have for handing the keys to your home and care of your beloved pet over to someone.  I know because I have always owned pets and I interview my own pet sitters thoroughly.  I want to know who my pet’s sitter is, what their experience is, how long they’ve been pet sitting for, are they insured, what does a normal visit look like, and how long will they stay with my pet?  I ask because I have concerns and I expect you have questions for me too.

I will treat your pets and home like my own family.

Get In Touch.