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Pet Sitting Visit

In your home care

Pets are often most comfortable in their own home space. I accommodate your pets normal schedule to the best of my abilities. A typical visit includes feeding, cleaning and refilling water bowls, litter box service, exercise and play or cuddle time.

Most cats enjoy one or two visits a day and dogs need two or three visits a day. I can customize care to meet your pet’s needs with more or less visits.

Medications, Sub-q Fluids, Insulin, Raw Food Diet, Special Needs

I am skilled in administering medications, sub-q fluids, and insulin when your pet needs it. Pets with medical or special needs are given priority status during busy seasons or if a scheduling conflict occurs. I would be happy to accommodate your pet’s dietary preferences or limitations. I have been feeding my own pets a home made raw food diet since 1998.

Extra Time

Extra Time can be added to a typical visit if your pet would like additional exercise, play or snuggle time.

Cat Nail Trims

I make kitty nail trim time easy and stress free. My calm, gentle approach allows the cat to feel safe while getting their pedicure when it’s convenient for you.

Dog Walking

Dog walks are on leash unless reasonable recall is achievable. Walks are customised to your dogs exercise level from a casual sniff around to high energy off leash fetch or target games. For safety this can be in your fenced back yard.

Home Care and Vacation Services

Studies have shown that a home with daily activity is less likely to be a target for criminal activity. I can take in the mail, water plants or gardens, turn on/off lights and roll the trash bin out for you. No pet required.

Free Consultation

Call, text or email to schedule a time when I can come to your house to meet your furry, feathered, or finned friends. I’ll listen and take notes on the specific details and routine of your pet’s care. I’ll answer any questions you have. I’ll ask you about mail pick up, watering plants, and turning off/on lights. You can give me a key or hide one nearby at the time of visit. I will make arrangements to return the key as you wish or keep it for next time.

There is no charge for this introductory visit. It’s a chance for you to interview me to see if I am a good fit for your needs. I want what is best for your family. If I am not able to meet your needs, I will offer recommendations for alternative care.

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Corvallis, Philomath, Lewisburg, Adair Village, North Albany, Monmouth, and Independence, Oregon

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